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VI Retrofit Heat Pump

The Omega VI Series are a direct replacement for Whalen VI units. The Omega VI units feature state of the art components such as microprocessor based controls, R410a refrigerant and dimensions that match the original Whalen units. This provides contractors with a simple “drop-in” replacement unit with the added feature of modern microprocessor control capabilities.


  • Quiet, high efficiency R410A compressors are available for all units. Units up to 2 Ton use a rotary compressor. Units above 2 Tons utilize scroll compressors. All compressors come with overload protection.

  • Two speed fan control is standard on all models.

  • Thermal Expansion Valve (TEV) for refrigerant metering is used on all units to ensure accurate refrigerant flow through the unit.

  • Water coil freeze protection is offered on all units through direct refrigeration control. A DDC control board monitors and ensures units are turned off before any damage to the unit occurs. Internal logic of the board also minimizes nuisance trip outs.

  • Casing is manufactured from heavy gauge galvanized steel.