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High Rise Heat Pump Silver Series

The entire Silver Series High Rise Heat Pump product line has been developed to provide one of the quietest vertical stacking water source heat pump in the industry. This unit, when properly installed, easily meets NC-36-37 within the suite.

The Silver Series heat pump system can be depended upon to provide year round heating and cooling to the occupants of your appartments and condominiums. Each HRP unit has its own compressor and fan which are easily accessible through the return air panel. If repairs are required, a spare chassis can be inserted into the unit, allowing it to continuously operate while the damaged chassis is repaired off site.


  • The HRP unit has a return air acoustical panel which is insulated with acoustical insulation and can be easily removable without tools to allow access for filter and disconnect.

  • The HRP unit is installed with a direct drive fan and motor which are both overload protected. The fan motor has three speeds and is factory wired to high speed.

  • The HRP unit has its internal components welded for rigidity as well as insulated with 1 inch thick acoustic and thermal mould resistant insulation.

  • The service valves for the HRP unit are accessable without removing the chassis for easy repair and maintenance.